Home Owners

To qualify you have to be the home owner, although there are other scheme’s for landlords the RHI is for domestic home owners only.

Eligible Fuel Types

Whether you are on Gas, Oil or LPG, electricity or don’t have a heating system you will be able to claim from the RHI to move to a more efficient heating system.

Minimum Disruption

In most cases your existing pipework is used. Some of your radiators may need upgrading to more efficient ones so less energy is needed to make your home warm.

Plans To Move?

Probably best to take into consideration whether you are looking to move in the next few years as you will be claiming the RHI for that address over 7 years.

Are You Under 70?

The scheme is available to anyone of 18 years of age or older as long as they are a homeowner. However, the money from the Renewable Heat Incentive is paid over 7 years which should be taken into consideration. Any leftover payments are transferred to the new home owner if ownership changes.

Do You Have Good Credit?

It is important that to qualify for the RHI that there is no debt management or CCJs at your current address.

Does A Heat Pump Work In Cold Weather?

An Air Source Heat Pump will work in cold weather just fine, they are one of the most popular heating systems in Scandinavia where temperatures can drop very low.

What If We Cook On Gas?

You can still keep gas to fuel your cooker if you wish.

What Is The Cost Of A Heat Pump?

The costs will vary from property to property, but you should be able to get a complimentary consultancy to work out the costs of the system and what RHI will be available to you. In most cases for 3 to 5 bed properties the benefits make the switch cost neutral and even profitable. However if you property falls outside of this range is may still be beneficial.

Can I get hot water on demand?

The systems are designed so that you never run out of water based on your homes requirements. Immersion heaters are included so you can get rapid hot water in an emergency.

Does the heat pump need to be on continually?

Every home is different. It does run for longer periods so you will have a warmer home but will use less energy than a traditional boiler doing this. It’s an intelligent system so is will only be on when it needs to be based on what your requirements are.

The Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) closed to new applications on 31 March 2022.

The information on this page is intended for reference only. If you have already successfully applied for an eligible installed system you are unaffected by the scheme’s closure.

The replacement grant is the Boiler Upgrade Scheme which you can read more about here.